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SIVA North - TCU / UTA Update

Greetings Team Captains –
For those of you participating in the NORTH event Jan 31st weekend, here are the details:


1. Schedule for the day:
      Gym opens                   7:30 AM
      Captains Meeting           8:00 AM
      First match                    8:15 AM
      Last scheduled match     6:45 PM


2. The most updated Playing Schedule and rules can be found online at the link provided below but as always the schedule is likely to change because of any last minute issues so ALL teams are required to be at the Captain’s Meeting and prepared to compete in the first match of the day so do not plan to show up late if your team is not scheduled to compete first.  Again – all teams must be at the captain’s meeting at 8:00AM and be prepared to play the 8:15AM match.  Gym will be open at 7:30am.  Schedule Will be available online on January 30 at the following link: Find the SIVA Women North – TCU OR SIVA Men North - UTA.


3. Any teams that drop or do not show will be fined the $150 penalty and all matches will be forfeited. 
4. Each team is scheduled to play 5-6 matches throughout the day.   The results of each weekend of play places you into the next round of the competition so it is important that you finish as strongly as possible in each event to be competing against the strongest teams.


5. Each team is responsible for 2-3 officiating assignments throughout the day.  You are responsible to supply the second official, two linesman, one scorekeeper, one libero tracker and one score flipper/scoreboard operator.  You will need six players for each officiating assignment. 


6. There is a short 30 minute break scheduled in the middle of the day if matches do not get off schedule but please plan accordingly with your individual team schedule to ensure you account for time for you team to eat.


7. Remind your players that we will be checking ID’s at the first match for each team so they must have their ID to participate.


8. All players must be listed on the roster with the correct jersey numbers to participate.


9. You must have uniforms that are in compliance to all USA Volleyball uniform regulations.


10. Please read and be familiar with all playing rules and guidelines.


11. Only drinks with re-sealable lids are allowed in the gym.


12. All matches for WOMEN will be held in the TCU Recreation Center located on 3005 Stadium Dr, Fort Worth, Texas 76109. The women's games will occur in the Special Events Gym (near the murals of the TCU volleyball players) and the men's games will occur in the Main Gym (under the track near the climbing wall).   People should park on the corner of Bellaire and Stadium (next to the admissions center, across from the Rec) or in the visitors lot on Stadium/Frog Alley.

13.  All matches for MEN will be held at UT-Arligton - Address to follow.


Let me know if you have any questions.


Safe Travels.


Doug Hinton
SIVA Commissioner
631 335 5319




Couple of updates for the upcoming SIVA events:
1. You need to make sure that your roster is updated and complete.   This includes jersey number for each player.   Rosters will be locked as of January 30 and players will not be allowed to participate if the jersey does not match the roster.   PLEASE LOG INTO THE NCVF REGISTRATON SYSTEM AND UPDATE YOUR ROSTERS BEFORE JANUARY 30.

2. In addition to jersey numbers – All players must be marked with former varsity designation on the roster if they meet the definition of Former Varsity as defined by the Varsity definition found on the website.  If any player is found to be a former varsity that is not marked on the roster, the player and/or team can face sanctions including suspension and forfeiture of all matches.  Teams are only allowed to have 2 former varsity players in their lineup.   We had issues with this last year and I will be auditing and coming down very hard on any team that violates these rules.

3. Teams are required to have uniforms that are in compliance with the NCVF and USA Volleyball uniform guidelines to participate.  This includes matching shorts.   Please review the home page of the NCVF for these uniform guidelines.   Information is listed down on the middle of the page –






North/South Split

Jan 31  -  SIVA North - Women  @ TCU

Women's Teams (13)= Oklahoma State U-W;  Sam Houston-W;  SMU-W;  Tarleton State-W;  TCU A-W;  Texas Tech A-W;  Texas Tech B-W;  U North Texas A-W;  U North Texas B-W;  U of Texas Arlington-W;  U of Texas Dallas-W;  Texas A&M A-W;  Texas A&M B-W

Jan 31  - SIVA North - Men @ UT-Arlington

Men's Teams (15) =   Oklahoma State A, Oklahoma State B, TCU A, Texas A&M A, Texas A&M B, Texas Tech, U Central Arkansas, U North Texas A, U North Texas B, U of Oklahoma, U of Texas A, U of Texas B, U of Texas Arlington, U of Texas Dallas, U of Mary Hardin Baylor


Feb 07  -  SIVA South - Women & Men @ Baylor

Women's Teams (13)= Baylor A-W;  Baylor B-W;  Lamar University-W;  Rice U-W;  St Edwards-W;  Texas State A-W;  Texas State B-W;  Trinity-W;  U of Houston A-W;  U of Houston B-W;  U of Texas A-W;  U of Texas B-W;  UTSA A-W

Men's Teams (10) =   Baylor A;  Baylor B;  Lamar U;  LSU;  LSU B;  Rice U;  Texas State A;  Texas State B;  Trinity;  UTSA A

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