SIVA Volleyball

Kickoff Meeting

Make sure your contact information is updated on the NCVF Registration system as that is where I will get all of your contact information.

The conference informational kick off meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 12, 2014 at 9:00PM-10:30PM.   There will be a conference call dial in number and webmeeting that all teams are required to attend.  YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST ONE REPRESENTATIVE FOR EACH TEAM ON THE CALL.   Make sure you pass this information on to any teams that may be interested.

JOIN THE MEETING (guest instructions) -

The meeting will be a conference call and webshare using the conference information below.   Please make sure you are at a PC in order to view the materials being shared on the call.


Dues for 2015 will be the same as last year and must be received by December 28, 2014 in order to be a member of SIVA for the 2015 season.  Mail the invoice and payment to the address listed on the invoice.

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